Contest Entry Dates:
Round One: June 27th- July 5th
Round Two: July 6th-July 12th
Round Three: July 13th-July 19th


This Year's Entries So Far

Last Year's Winners

The Blue and Blond Surfboard Design Contest!!

Aloha! Welcome to the second Blue and Blond Contest! The rules are simple. Design a surfboard. Shouldn't be too hard, eh? Just like the first contest. The reward this time? A copy of the Forever Sunset (Book 3) as well as an appearance in the comic! However this time there will be three seperate rounds, all with the same prizes. Also, anybody who submits a surfboard will have at least one of their designs featured in the third Blue and Blond Book, the Forever Sunset. There will be 150 boards chosen to go into the book, and I will put at least one entry from every participant in there. So that means that you can make as many boards as you'd like! To get started, here's a link to the board template:

Board Template

Each round will last about a week:
Round One: June 27th-July 5th
Round Two: July 6th- July 12th
Round Three: July 13th-July 19th

And here are the rules! They're all pretty simple.

1) Please use the template provided here
2) Stay in the lines! This isn't kindergarden
3) Send it back in 300dpi
4) Please don't use black ink or black lines (except for the original border). The majority of these will have black text put over them in the next book, and I would hate to mess around with your design to use it in the book
5) Any medium is fine! Pencils, markers, computer, colored pencils; as long as it uses the template!
6) Enter as many times as you wish and as often
7) Each board you submit will only be judged for that week's round. They won't be judged in a second round
8) Bikini babes are fine (and somewhat encouraged...)
9) If you wish for your design and/or name to stay out of Book 3, please let me know in the email. Otherwise, by submitting your board design, you're giving me permission to use it and your name in the book


I hope that everybody has fun, and thank you for helping me out with the next book! Best of luck to you!

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